Are you ready to watch the pictures of a very unusual double wedding in Tuscany? Now you will see two brides and two grooms at the same wedding.

Olga and Dinara are best friends as well as Dario and Carlo Federico and they all have a lot of friends in common in Italy and Russia. The official ceremonies of both couples were held in Russia with one month difference, so the idea of celebrating their weddings in Italy together came quite naturally.

Everything was organized on the same spot, in Grand Hotel Palazzo, on Livorno coast. The brides have made their bouquets themselves and prepared a slide-show with their childish photos and the pictures telling the development of their love stories. During the apperitive all guests could participate in fun games and competitions.

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For us photographers this double wedding in Tuscany was extremely hard work, because it is very challenging to make the double photoshoot of the preparations, ceremonies and two open air series of the couples. So here you can see how we did it.