Sometimes a wedding leaves so many emotions and memories that it’s hard to find some simple words to tell about them in my blog. The big italian wedding in Apulia of Marianna and Andrea is exactly the case when the photos can tell more about the atmosphere, the tears of joy and inevitable change, the laughter, sincerity, tenderness and passion.

A month after our engagement photoshoot in Alberobello, we met Marianna and Andrea again in the port town of Molfetta. It’s close to Apulia’s capital Bari, where the preparations and the wedding ceremony took place.

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Pure white Duomo, the city’s cathedral, that stands on the edge of turquoise infinity of the Adriatic sea, graceful and airy perfectly matched the style and the mood of the couple. The ceremony was followed by the greetings of the guests and a small photoshoot in the shade of millennial walls of Molfetta. And then we headed to Altamura for the wedding reception in a very special location, I luoghi di Pitti. It is a 16th century countryside residence (masseria), that has later become property of some noble families.

Today it is a very popular wedding venue in Apulia, with its white stone, simplicity, very geometrical architecture, located in the middle of endless wheat fields. Our hearts were immediately conquered by this place that became an excellent frame of the party.