As the distance did not prevent Alessio and Nadia from being together, so the remote wedding locations did not become an obstacle to bustling and unforgettable celebration full of fun, for which we drove around half of Sicily. You have already seen their engagement couple photoshoot on my website, so let me tell you about their big international wedding in Sicily.

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The wedding preparations of the bride and groom took place on the northern coast of the island about a half-hour from the city of Messina. According to the Italian tradition the couple prepared themselves separately surrounded by their relatives. For the ceremony in the church, Nadia choose a high-necked wedding dress with sleeves and a long veil covering her face. After the preparation  we moved to the most easterly part of Sicily, to Messina, where the wedding ceremony took place.

I’d like to tell you specifically about the place where the wedding ceremony was held. The church called “Chiesa Santissima Annunziata dei Catalani” is located in the heart of Messina and has a complex and very rich history. It was built in the Norman era, between 1150 and 1200, on the ruins of the highly revered ancient temple of Neptune and the pilgrimage site of sailors. After the city Christianised the temple was dedicated to the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin. In subsequent eras the church changed many owners, survived the floods and earthquakes and absorbed the Apulian, Pisa, Roman and Lombard styles. It is not surprising that the newlyweds decided to choose this place with such a rich history for their wedding in Sicily!

For the further celebration the newlyweds and guests set out on to the southern coast of Sicily, to the villa “Casa delle Terre Forti“. It is an ancient residence that is located on the hills of Aci Castello between the coast and Etna.

After the sunset, once the Sicilian heat went down, the guests gathered to share together the Russian and Italian traditions, music, dancing and culture. Join this wedding!