During our one-week tour of Umbria, Perugia became our base for trips to other famous nearby beautiful towns like Gubbio, Assisi, Orvieto and Spello. Today I will tell you about the most memorable locations that we managed to see and visit.

At the foot of Mount Ingino, an hour by bus from Perugia, there is Gubbio, the town of truffles and ceramics, that has perfectly preserved its medieval appearance. From Piazza Grande, the main square, you can enjoy one of the best views of the surroundings and it is here, at the heart of the city, that the two famous “palaces of power” stand: the famous Gothic Consular Palace and Palazzo Pretorio.

Wandering around the streets of Gubbio, be sure to use the cable car to go up to the Basilica of Sant’Ubaldo, where the patron saint of the city is buried and where the famous huge wooden candles are kept. There is a traditional procession on the day of the Saint when they are carried around the city, the festival of La Corsa dei Ceri. A small two-seater iron cage, which will lift you up the mountain, guarantees not only beautiful photos, but also nice thrills.

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But, perhaps, the best spot for a photoshoot in Gubbio is Ranghiasci Park. It is a romantic Renaissance park, inspired by English landscape gardens with chestnut and maple alleys, bridges, medieval tower and even a small temple. This great scenery makes it a perfect setting for any kind of photo shoot!

You can easily get by train to an incredibly picturesque and world-famous Assisi from Perugia, Rome or Florence. This is the hometown of one of the most important Christian saints, St. Francis and his most influential successor, Saint Clare. That’s why there are lots of pilgrims from all over the world in any season of the year.

The Papal Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi can be seen from afar, when the traveler is still in the valley below the town. It is the town’s main attraction not only for pilgrims, but also for art lovers because of Giotto’s frescoes that decorate it. Don’t miss the chance to see an incredible sunset and view from Rocca Maggiore, the medieval defense tower.

Assisi is an open-air museum with numerous churches, medieval defense walls and ancient perfectly kept houses. This town will be interesting to any kind of visitor and, for sure, it is one of the most magnificent places for a wedding in Umbria or just a romantic photo session. Your visit to Assisi can be nicely enriched with a stroll in tiny Spello, world-famous for its blossoming streets and the yearly festival of Infiorate, when in one night almost a thousand people create flower carpets and pictures for the procession of Corpus Domini.

Orvieto, located in south-west of Umbria, is one of the most interesting ancient towns of Central Italy. We went there attracted by the geometry of the incredible St. Patrick’s well, dating back to 16 century, but in the end have spent the whole day there, discovering Etruscan monuments and one of the most impressive Italian cathedrals, the 14th century Duomo di Orvieto. We kept wandering in the streets of the underground town and then enjoyed the breathtaking view from a 50 metres high tower, Torre del Moro.