On one November weekend we decided to go to Tuscany, visiting the medieval towns of San Gimignano and Siena. While the rest of Italy was soaking in rain, the weather forecast was more optimistic for this part of the country.

As usual I will not report all my trip, writing a long text. My intention is to give you some basic info that will be useful in case you want to follow my steps. You can ask me any other questions about this weekend in Tuscany, leaving a comment here. And, many of these spots are already featured on my website, in the photoshoot from the wedding in Tuscany of Svetlana and Vassily.

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Basic facts:

– 1 weekend in November
– +5-+10 degrees ºC
– San Giminiano (1 day) + Siena (1 day)
– Car trip
– Top restaurant in San Giminiano – Fattoria Poggio Alloro (local cuisine; panoramic views and peaceful atmosphere)
– Top restaurant in Siena – Antica Osteria da Divo (best Florentine beef steak)
– SPA – Hotel San Marco (a small nice SPA center was the best place to relax after a stroll in the foggy Siena)
– Best photography spot for a panoramic shot in San Giminiano – Rocca di Montestaffoli
– Best photography spot for a panoramic shot in Siena – Facciatone