It’s no secret that women like to be photographed much more than men do. They are ready to devote more time to this activity, especially during the travelings. So a portrait photoshoot on Lake Como in the women circle is a great idea not only for having fun with your friend, but also the opportunity to fill your album with professional photos from a trip to Italy.

Two friends, both named Olga, decided to treat themselves with the journey to Italy. They planned to visit Milan, Sardinia and Lake Como, where we met for a photoshoot.

The half of our photoshoot we decided to spend in Varenna. It is a small former fishing village on the east coast. This town is one of the most beautiful places in Lombardy, famous for its evergreen panoramas and colorful facades far beyond the borders of the country.

Narrow cobbled streets which are steeply descending to the lake, photogenic stairs, colorful houses and a lot of flowers at any time of the year – all these attracts romantics from all over the world to Varenna. It is not surprising that this city is often chosen for a photoshoot on Lake Como.

Nice little jaunt around Varenna, a glass of wine – and we are already on a ferry which rushes us to the village Bellagio (Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni), where was held the second part of our girl’s photoshoot.

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This hotel is located in the heart of Lake Como and has a long history. The villa, formerly known as the Bellagio Castle (“Castello di Bellagio”), got its name in honor of one of the most prestigious Lombard families of Serbelloni, who inherited it in 1788 along with all the property of village Bellagio. In 1929, the villa was bought by American billionaire Ella Walker, and then inherited by the current owner – the Rockefeller Foundation.

Rich interiors, beautiful park filled with fragrant flowers and panoramic views that you can enjoy all alone. These surroundings were absolutely perfect for our girl’s photoshoot.