An engagement photoshoot in Rome is always a winning decision, even if the wedding has to take place in another city or even region. We met Massimiliano and Annarita at sunset in the heart of Rome, by the Campidoglio. I’ll show their wedding on Pescara beach, in Abruzzo, a little later, but for now, a little acquaintance with the couple and their romantic photo session in Rome.

It was the beginning of summer, when the sun is already warming but not yet burning, and the whole city is drowned in oleander blossoms. It was not accidental that we chose Piazza del Campidoglio for our meeting. This central square on Capitoline Hill is a work of genius Michelangelo Buonarroti. In addition to the magnificent ensemble of palaces and the famous Cordonata staircase that leads to the square, there are several panoramic viewpoints offering a very photogenic view of the city.

We enjoyed the views from Piazza Campidoglio with Massimiliano and Annarita, then we sat on the warm steps of the Gemonian Stairs, and then walked through the half-deserted ancient streets of the city. I’m sure this is the best time and program for any photoshoot in Rome! And which location in Rome would you choose for your photo session?