Daria and Sergey were getting ready for their destination wedding in Portofino in a small town of Rapallo in the hotel Tigullio Royal.

Portofino is a very picturesque, classy and sunny seaside resort of the Liguria region. It’s a posh place, thus don’t be surprised to see some kind of “star” walking around. We were lucky to come across Monica Belucci… She starred an ad of a polish mineral water brand. You can see her on the photo on a historical yacht “Riva”.

The ceremony itself and the party took place at the ancient castle Castello Brown in Portofino, that dates back to II-III century A.D. It used to be a fortress and, naturally, enjoys an advantageous position. It’s a perfect look out, as it offers a splendid view of the whole town, so it’s really worth a tiresome climb. It’s an ideal place for a definitive “Yes” of a wedding vow and a very picturesque one for the open-air entertainment to follow the destination wedding in Portofino.