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Wedding photography

Wedding photography

It’s not an overstatement saying that Italy is the best place for a wedding, for this most beautiful and exciting event of our lives. The photos of your wedding in Italy will preserve the memories of the beautiful day that united your hearts, for years to come.

Why do we need a wedding photographer?

We invest so many efforts and time to prepare the wedding day and we want it to be perfect. We want all details to be considered. We want to make the celebration unique and the memories ever-lasting. But with years passing it’s always more difficult to remember what was the wedding cake like and revive the scenes with the limo taking the newly married away after the ceremony. It’s always more difficult to appreciate the original bride’s bouquet and what’s even more important what we were like on the Big Day and what our parents and friends felt and expressed on our wedding day.

Well, there’s nothing to do about it, the memories tend to fade but they can be easily intensified by the wonderful wedding pictures. Watching them you can live all the remarkable moments of this day again and again.

How can I find My wedding photographer?

Well, you can do it the same way you found your wedding dress! Watch the pictures, try to imagine how the photographer’s style can “fit” you, and if you like the emotions transmitted by those pictures and the narrative manner of the photographer. You just have to decide if that style suits you well.

Internet is full of advices on “how to choose a wedding photographer”. My personal advice is – choose with your heart. You either like the pictures or not. You shouldn’t pay too much attention to secondary things. Don’t limit your choice out of false criteria. You’ve obviously got too many things to think about before the wedding. So, counting the megapixels of the photographer’s camera or figuring out the format he uses to save the pictures will not bring you anywhere. Is it important whether he uses an automatic metering mode? There are thousands of technical details that the photographers themselves share when giving advices. But those advices only shade off the main thing – it’s the photographer that makes pictures, not the camera!

If you need to choose a photographer for your wedding in Italy think of these questions:

  • Do you want your wedding to be an emotional, bright and memorable event?
  • Do you want your wedding pictures to be romantic, sensual, tender, and in the end – very natural and lively?
  • Do you know that to achieve good results the photographer’s efforts are pretty enough, but to achieve the perfect one – efforts of the couple are needed too?

If you answered “yes” to the questions above, then I’m the right photographer and you’re “my” couple. I will be very happy to do wedding photo for you!

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