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You can make an actor’s or model’s portfolio, express your individuality and beauty, prepare photos for your collection or an advertisement of a hairdresser or makeup artist – and you’ll have it all done in a special way thanks to a photo session in Italy.

The portrait is the best tool to depict one’s mood, character and individuality. If you choose to make a personal portrait photo session in Italy you’ll capture the most exciting moments and Italy’s most celebrated sights and wonderful nature will be your background.

Anyone who comes to this country feels inspiration and happiness that will be easy to read in your smile and your look. Why not capture those delightful moments in your pictures that will bring you joy even years after!

Portrait photo sessions can be interesting to all who wish to highlight their work and their creative personality and to realize professional ambitions. I work in essential styles of glamorous portrait, fashion portrait, actor or model portfolio.

There’re many nuances in portrait photography. Among them are the light, equipment, camera angle and the abilities of the photographer to seize the right moment and emotion that is natural for the model or that makes part of the chosen role. Why not try an unusual or challenging role or image, at least for a photo session?

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