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Photo books and albums

Photo books and albums

The history of many generations is preserved by photos that are printed and collected with care in big beautiful albums. Why our ancestors couldn’t limit themselves to just keeping the film? The answer is evident – they wanted to see the pictures, hold them and show them.

That’s why it’s strange to keep your pictures on DVD and CD or external hard disks that are not eternal at all. It can happen that after 5 years you would have troubles with reading the disk containing your dearest pictures! Will you always keep that disk? Would you be able to find it when you need it? And the funniest question is – who can guarantee that after a while we’ll still use the same data format that we’re using now? Do many of us still have floppies at home? ))

Having a photo book is totally different. It will keep the finest memories of your wedding. A personalized hard-cover state of the art photo book will become a family treasure and will take care of your very special memories.

We never pay a make up artist for the strokes of his brushes or a designer for the hours he has spent working on our dress. We buy a ready product or complete service: a wedding day make-up or a dress. I think it’s valid for the photographer’s work too. Don’t buy the camera clicks, your wedding deserves much more. Buy the finished product, whether it is a photo book, a set of best pictures in passé partout (showcasing them in a beautiful mat and frame) or artistically printed and framed big-size pictures.

Not all of us can edit the pictures, place them nicely in the album and consider all the technical details during the page-making and then send the ready material to print. If you order a photo book you can be sure that those moments of happiness will not be mistreated by printing them on a piece of soulless plastic!

You can choose among a wide variety of sizes, styles and accessories to make your photo book unique. You can insert a picture on the front cover, make it a leather cover, add embroidery or decorative stitching or other kinds of decorations and details that will render your book more precious; because your wonderful event deserves a special photo book.

Two page opening design examples:

Today the trend in vogue are the matted albums, a new kind of photobooks. What is so special about them?

In the matted albums the photos are placed in the special photo mats that look like “windows” in a thick paper page made of cardboard layers. There are so many possibilities for creating a unique photobook that can satisfy the tastes of the most demanding clients: cardboard of different textures or the combination of the layers of different colours as well as the combination of standard and individually cut apertures (windows) or even three page center spread, which means adding another page that unfolds in the middle. Albums of this kind look precious and stylish and add a lot to what the photo tells you, inviting to cherish its details.

We follow the latest trends and offer you a possibility to create matted albums of the highest quality made by the world-famous brand Jorgensen.

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