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Verona is a city with millennial breathtaking history, situated at the banks of the river Adige several dozens kilometers away from one of the most picturesque lakes of Italy, the Lago di Garda. This is the city, where medieval architecture monuments neighbor romanic and gothic churches, and the Renaissance palaces – with museums and modern buildings.

According to Shakespeare, it was Verona, where tragic and beautiful love story between Juliette and Romeo happened. The play made the city to be the place of the thousand of newly married couples pilgrimage, and today couples from all over the world come here to make a vow of love and devotion on the Juliette`s balcony. The romantic spirit and exciting feeling of touch to wonderful make any event – a wedding in Verona or a white wedding, love declaration or wedding anniversary really memorizable – and love in this place grows much stronger!

Romantic atmosphere in Verona is also created by great number of notes on the walls of Juliette`s house, left by the people in love with vows and obsecrations about happy love, varicolored lollipops, symbolizing sweet first kisses, sold everywhere, bright hearts in all the conceivable and unconceivable forms, and every souvenirs with images of the famous characters from the Shakespeare`s tragedy about Romeo and Juliette.

On the second day after the wedding in Verona find time for car photo walk in the outskirts of the wonderful Lago di Garda, where under open-skies among the hills and blue-eyed water smooth surface we`ll continue to create colorful wedding or family photo album with the story of your love.

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