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Positano is a town called picture postcard. It is stretched over the Monti Lattari hills. It is hard to believe, that something like this exists till not seeing it with own eyes. It is like the painting of the talented artist or the creation of audacious architect, ideal in its composition and variety of colours. This is really the pearl of Amalfi Coast, situated 50 km away from Neapol.

Variegated houses, multi-stage staircases and jungles of vine, lemon and olive trees, old medieval watchtowers form intricate multilevel pattern, changing abruptly to become sparkling smooth surface of light-blue sea. When it is storming it seems that the city walls are washed by the waves and the next moment will drown in their fine. The legends say that Positano was founded by the god of the sea Poseidon in a sign of love to nymph Pasitea, and it is not without purpose!

Today it`s a famous silkstocking resort, where rest and organize weddings not only wealthy Italians, but tourists from all over the world as well. The town`s beauty, its beaches, warm and clear weather make this place especially popular from May to October.

There are a lot of boutiques, art galleries under open-skies, jewellery salons, restaurants, bars there. Here you will find night dance club The Africana, situated in the cliff, gridiron, tennis courts, and basketball, volleyball and handball grounds. Local cuisine is very tasty: abundance of seafood, world famous pizza “Margarita”.

The features of photography in Positano:

  • the city centre is closed for transport, so photo walks there can be only pedestrian,
  • the city`s location makes it convenient for cars and sea photo tours lengthwise the Amalfi Coast: Sorrento, Salerno, Amalfi…

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