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Those, wending to Rome, will be interested in photography not only in the capital, but also in the dozens of other comfortable towns and beautiful places in the suburbs. You can organize the wedding there or wend to the car photo tour.

Lake Bracciano

It is situated 50 km far from the centre of Rome. Here wonderful Castello Orsini-Odescalchi is situated. This small town is known by the highest service and beautiful nature. The unpopulous locality with the opportunity of walk over the lake and the suburbs will please the newly married couples, appreciating fuss less and absence of extraneous eyes in the day of wedding most of all.


Tivoli is an ancient town in the Italian province of Lazio, located 30 km far from the centre of Rome. The refreshing coolness of the fountains in the Villa Adriana and the Villa d'Este, of the Villa Gregoriana`s waterfalls and of the gardens in Garibaldi attract great number of tourists in summer period, especially. Various backgrounds chequering with bright colours, the opportunity of leisured photo walk and dainty get-up are the lineaments of the wedding photography in Tivoli.

The Tyrrhenian Sea coast

Conservation the Villa Borghese stretches over the Tyrrhenian Sea coast between the towns of Anzio and Nettuno 65 km far from the centre of Rome. Here the comfortable castle of the 16th century with breathtaking panorama on the coast, park with great number of plants and ancient grottos are situated.

Castello Orsini (town of Nerola)

Posh Castello Orsini in the town of Nerola was built in the 10th century, and now it is well arranged to be the 5* hotel. The majestic power of the castle`s walls, its inner interior, which keeps the tinge of the former times, allows you to fill like real aristocrats, and modern wellness-centre will relax and influence in positive way.

Castello Orsini-Cesi (town of Sant Angelo Romano)

The serrations of medieval Castello Orsini-Cesi rise above the Sabina hills and the town of Sant'Angelo Romano. The beauty and nobility of the castle and of the panorama opening from the terrace – all these will underline the solemnity and tone of your wedding as good as possible. Vow in the Prince`s Room or on the open terrace.

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