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If you dream about Tuscan views, and achievements of culture and art keep you on the trot, you will be enthralled by Florence. It is hard to find more dainty and noble place for wedding ceremony in Italy than it is.

However this shangri-la is named, the “town-museum”, “the cultural capital of Europe”, “the native land of Italian Renaissance” or “Italian Athens”, it can be said exactly that it is a flourishing city among the hills, picturesque plains and rivers, gleaming inspiration. Particularly here in Florentia the novel “Idiot” by F.M.Dostoevskiy has been finished, P.I. Tchaikovsky and A.A. Tarkovskiy came here to rest and to create, and the couple Dimidovs were engaged in patronage of art. Among the famous Florentines are Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante and Galilei. The routes of Medici dynastion come from here.

Today Florence is the museum of the Renaissance, a mine of the architecture and art works with the largest art galleries of the world, cultural centre and just a find for phillumenists and for votaries of high fashion. Sometimes this city is compared with enormous ancient theatric decoration. Some playing – and your destiny in Florence will become a bright premiere on this unique stage full of belfries sounds, organ and street-musicians` violins. Elegant townsfolk like a thankful audience will meet you with congratulations and applause during the whole wedding day.

More often marriage ceremonies in Florence take place in the graceful palace - Palazzo Vecchio, which absorbed all the best from Renaissance. Antiquarian furniture, luxury of halls interior, dainty trim – all this will create the noble atmosphere for your wedding. The wedding rite for Orthodox believers can be carried out in one of the most beautiful Orthodox churches in the Western Europe.

Florence suburbs are particular. It can take you several days or even weeks to see all of them. This is the perfect decision for the two people in love, decided to spend their honeymoon, completely immersed to the atmosphere of wonderful.

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  • Fibnb

    11 March 2018 at 21:24 |
    In the summer months the steps of Piazzae Michelangelo are a favourte spot for wedding photos.


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