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Wedding in Abruzzo || Riccardo and Barbara

Thursday, 01 September 2016

Today we will show you the wedding in Abruzzo of Barbara and Riccardo. The religious service was celebrated at Chiesa Santa Maria in Piano in a hilltop town of Loreto Arputino. We are sure that dog lovers will be especially interested as one of the protagonists is a 4-leg cheerful gallant gentleman called Willy.

This member of the new family has supported the newlyweds not only with his high spirits but also with his appropriate dress. Since early morning he was entertaining Riccardo during his preparations at his parents’ house.

In the meanwhile the wedding image of the bride was created at the castle Castello di Chiola with the most intimate friends and photographers assisting the process. We want to say a couple of words about the castle that hosted the preparations of the bride and the wedding reception. It is a 4-star hotel located in a renovated castle on the top of the beautiful medieval town of Loreto Arputino. Here you can organize a stylish wedding, from the preparations of the bride to the wedding banquet, without leaving the castle. It is also a perfect venue for the brides that want to feel like a princess on their big day. But now it will be the bride herself who will tell her wedding:

"Well, where should I start? We are together for 11 years, we’ve been living together for 6 years and getting married was both a natural and spontaneous decision for us and a formality, but also a way of meeting all our friends and relatives, living all over Italy and abroad. For me the party started on Friday when my friends came from Sicily. Sleeping all together in one apartment, staying up till late, making pictures and laughing to tears…. Ah, I love this so much!

The day after, in the evening, a big party was scheduled at my parents’ place for the serenade. A folk group of Abruzzo, the land of my groom, wanted to make us, Sicilians, happy by playing some popular songs "made in Sicily". In the afternoon, when I was finishing the last preparations (I still had to print out some staff from Tableu, Spy etc.), one of my closest friends has asked me: "Will the house be decorated?" I answered: "No, but there will be a roasted piglet!" and he shook his head sadly! When I came back in the evening there was music and a wonderfully decorated terrace for me. It was the project of my friends that were running from one shop to another to create something beautiful. Sleeping in the bed of my parents the night before wedding with the bride dress, hanging in the wardrobe, was just magic.

The next day, on Sunday, everyone was running to and from the hairdresser’s shop to make themselves look nice. I was very calm, I even ate some pork roast ("porchetta") for lunch to the big surprise of my siblings who were sure I won’t be able to eat anything overwhelmed with emotions. But I was still so calm! At 2 p.m. (I had to be married by 5 p.m.) I started to have anxiety waves. When I arrived at the castle, I was shaking with impatience and panic. While I was getting ready I was so tense and spoke all the time. Oh girls, if I only could postpone everything for a couple of hours, I would have done that! I was not panicking because I had to go to the altar… I think my anxiety was caused by the idea of being the centre of attention as a protagonist. The thing I’m sorry about is that I didn’t live the moments of "preparations/home" with serenity. Yes, I could have laughed more.

When I arrived to church and saw my groom from the doorway, as he was standing close to the altar, tears of emotion took over. My father said "Calm down, don’t cry, you’ll ruin the make up!", but I couldn’t control myself. Fortunately, not much is visible under the veil. Later they told me that my father was going all around the church crying and the same was doing my brother. Anyway, when I arrived to the altar, I became calm and the emotions gave space to the feeling of immense happiness. Just outside the church they were not only the guests waiting for me, but also a heart, drawn with rice. It was the work of the very same old friend who wanted to decorate the house for the serenade. He went knocking many doors around the church asking for some rice. It was so sweet, I loved it! At the entrance of the restaurant we made a small performance.

What can I tell you? I didn’t understand anything that day. It was all running, hugging, dancing and laughing. Unfortunately, I ate less that I would want to, as I was too excited to enjoy splendid food. I proposed making a historical reconstruction the next year and repeat the wedding!"


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