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Wedding in Castello della Castelluccia || Maria and Igor

Friday, 01 June 2012

With Igor and Maria we decided to do the engagement photo session in Rome and the wedding pictures were taken next day in a suburb of the capital. The wedding preparations took part in a beautiful medieval castle Castello della Castelluccia, that enjoys a hideaway location close to Rome.

Today the castel serves as a hotel and offers to its guests two dozens of original rooms that never look alike and that have cherished the atmosphere of the past centuries with their old time beds, narrow spiral staircases and the mirrows that have seen so many faces in their lifetime.

One can be inspired enough by the joys of this place to compose a poem – it’s a perfect location for a wedding ceremony in Italy. Just imagine that all your guests are accomodated in the same spacious hotel inside the castle, they can enjoy their breakfast in peace in the early morning, prepare themselves for the party and go down the old stairs directly to the venue – the altar where the bride and the groom exchange their vows.

And then the party will start in a big dining room with a fire place. The huge table will be in its center, and the thick castle walls will assure that the party room remains cool even on a hot day. The waiters that speak your language will tell you about the features of the dishes. This special dinner will be crowned by a special multi-tier wedding cake and fireworks in the honor of the newly-wed. And the wonderful thing is that all this can be done with no hurry, no need for a thoroughly planned logistics and a possibility to enjoy unhasting strolls along the picturesque alleys, horseback riding or playing golf. Sounds just like a dream!


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