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Wedding in Lerici || Nikita and Ksenia

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Golf of Poets is a beautiful name of the site where Ksenia and Nikita have organized their wedding. And, of course, it had romantic adventures in store for us.

First, there was the ceremony at an ex-church built on the cliff in a small town of Tellaro, then a sailboat trip under a pirate flag, accompanied by epic musical compositions and stunning blasts of ship cannons. And then, the traditional Russian wedding bread “karavai” with salt was served and the dances followed. The music was composed by one of the guests, who is a singer and song-writer.

If we were poets we would dedicate many a lines to these beautiful places. We hope that the pictures can convey, not less poetically, the beauty of the Ligurian coast and the special atmosphere of this day!

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