Today I will show you another kind of photography I’m actively engaged with, but rarely talk about. It’s fashion photoshoot. In spring, when the Costa Blanca was blossoming, I arrived to Spain for a fashion photoshoot in Alicante of the spring-summer collection by designer Hanna Baranava. That is my full namesake due to a strange interplay of circumstances.

Hanna’s dresses, made of silk, organza and cotton, are romantic and light, but have clean silhouettes and volumes. This designer plays with geometry, making asymetrical multi-layered dresses and skirts, adding floral motives and handmade embroidery.

We have chosen villa Jardines de Abril as our fashion photo session location in Alicante, a true oasis, that perfectly matches romanticism, innocence and airy collection.

Makeup: Svetlana Kozmina

Model: Tais Giner, Ilenia Goiri, Lara Llamazares

Sunglasses: Dzmitry Samal

Shoes: Salvador Artesano

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