Fashion photoshoot on Lake Como for Jeannie Mai

Jeannie Mai invited me to a private villa on Lake Como to take make a fashion photoshoot for her personal and work portfolio.

Destination wedding in Abruzzo of Marco and Grace

When loving couples looking for a destination wedding dream about a beach party, they rarely think about Italy. But in recent years, more & more hotels and villas on the shores of the Adriatic, Tyrrhenian and Ligurian seas offer their guests not only beach holidays, but also an official or symbolic wedding ceremony at the water's edge.

Couple photoshoot in Abruzzo of Marco and Grace

Have a look at this couple photoshoot of Marco and Grace in the old village of Rocca San Giovanni on the Costa dei Trabocchi in the Abruzzo region.

Lake Garda, Italy

Where to celebrate Valentine's Day in Italy? Sirmione was nominated one of the most romantic places among Italy’s small towns by Condé Nast Traveler magazine. In this post I want to give you some tips on what else you can see on the largest lake in Italy and what are the most spectacular locations for photos on Lake Garda.

Destination wedding in Tuscany of Yana and Alex

How can newlyweds begin their day in a manor with a thousand-year history in the province of Florence? No matter how the morning begins, the home comfort and the Tuscan atmosphere of Villa Pitiana, accented by high-class service and love for traditions, will make the whole wedding day truly special.

Couple photoshoot in Tuscany of Yana and Alex

What is the best thing to do, just one day before the destination wedding in Tuscany, when all arrangements are fixed and some last-minute questions are the care of your wedding planner?

Destination wedding in Abruzzo of Gareth and Gabi

Gareth and Gabrielle, a couple from the UK has chosen the castle of Semivicoli for their destination wedding in Abruzzo.

Umbria, Italy. Part II.

During our one-week tour of Umbria, Perugia became our base for trips to other famous nearby beautiful towns like Gubbio, Assisi, Orvieto and Spello. Today I will tell you about the most memorable locations that we managed to see and visit.

Umbria, Italy. Part I.

Umbria is a region in central Italy, that is still quite unknown to a foreign tourist. It is a landlocked region and not so many highways bring here. That is why only the most curious travelers, pilgrims or those who have already seen all famous sites of Italy, finally come here. And that’s a pity!

Fashion photoshoot in Alicante, Spain for HB Brand

Today I will show you another kind of photography I’m actively engaged with, but rarely talk about. It’s fashion photoshoot.

Wedding in Apulia of Andrea and Marianna

Sometimes a wedding leaves so many emotions and memories that it’s hard to find some simple words to tell about them in my blog. The big italian wedding in Apulia of Marianna and Andrea is exactly the case when the photos can tell more about the atmosphere, the tears of joy and inevitable change, the laughter, sincerity, tenderness and passion.

Couple photoshoot in Alberobello, Apulia of Andrea e Marianna

Despite the differences between the south and the north of Italy, all Italian cities look quite alike. But not Alberobello. It is a one of the kind city in the region of Apulia, famous for its white-stone tiny conic-roof houses, called trulli. Alberobello is so special that it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996.

Family photoshoot on Garda Lake of Anna, Slava and Milana

Sirmione is a small town on the southern coast of Lake Garda in the Lombardy region, favored by tourists and fans of thermal springs. Despite its small size and its location at the tip of a long peninsula, Sirmione boasts convenient connections, unforgettable landscapes and historical sights.

Wedding in Abruzzo of Matteo and Antonella

Elegance is the first word that comes to me when I think of Antonella and Matteo’s wedding in Abruzzo. Style was underpinning the sophisticated tailor-made wedding dress by Napolitano Trotta Maison, the attentively chosen bridal accessories and tender tulips were the protagonist of the floral decorations. The landscape also played its part, suddenly covered by a thick romantic fog.

Dolomites, Italy

In autumn, the Dolomites are blazing with warm shades of trees that are turning yellow. This is low tourist season and a real fairy tale time for passionate photo hunters. In the off-season, the photo shoot in the Dolomites will be something truly special, because the focus will be on you and nature.

Family photoshoot in Alicante, Spain of Liuda and Lucia

Costa Blanca, on the Mediterranean coast, hosts Alicante, a popular resort and tourist attraction. It is one of the most fast-developing cities of Spain and its architecture mixes the elements of Greek, Romanesque, Moresque, Gothic, baroque and art nouveau styles.

New Year’s eve in Granada, Spain

Granada is famous for its rich historical and architectural heritage left by the muslim Moorish Kingdom and then by the Gothic period and Renaissance. The top three attractions are Alhambra, the palace and fortress complex, the gardens of Generalife and the ancient Arab quarter of Albaycin.

Elopement in Taormina, Sicily of Roma and Katya

The happiness of lovers can be quiet even on a wedding day. Especially when the elopement set in Sicily, on a sunny November day after the last storm and when happiness radiates from the couple.

Lake Iseo, Italy

Those who love the coolness of lakes, mountain landscapes, luscious greenery and unhurried life away from big cities usually choose the northern lakes of Italy: Como, Maggiore and Garda. But between these lakes there is another one that is less known, but not less beautiful and interesting for tourists and active rest lovers - Lake Iseo.

Portrait photoshoot in Rome for Marina

I have met with Marina at dawn. Excited with the beautiful day we had ahead of us we thought of a route that passed through the Vatican, the Castle of Saint Angel, the embankment of the Tiber and the historic center of Rome.

Wedding in Rome of Dmitry and Yulia

Dima and Yulia are together for many years, raising a wonderful daughter, but it was only now that the dream of Yulia of a fairytale wedding in Rome was coming true.

Small wedding in Cinque Terre of Sergey and Leysen

After a warm welcome at the local city hall and the dinner in the castle of Grand Hotel dei Castelli, we started our tour of the famous fishing villages of Cinque Terre that ended at sunset in Portovenere to the cries of the seagulls and the clinking of glasses with sparkling wine.

Couple photoshoot in Liguria of Sergey and Leysen

Citizens of Liguria coast haven’t saved on colourful paint. To make their houses visible from the sea and recognisable for the sailors, they painted them in bright colours. With time, towns like Camogli started to look like a childish drawing.

One Weekend in Tuscany, Italy

On one November weekend we decided to go to Tuscany, visiting the medieval towns of San Gimignano and Siena. While the rest of Italy was soaking in rain, the weather forecast was more optimistic for this part of the country.

Small wedding in Abruzzo of Oleg and Alina

Abruzzo is an amazingly beautiful region in central Italy, unjustly neglected by the tourists visiting the country. Therefore, when Alina and Oleg decided to get married here, in our second homeland, they immediately conquered our hearts.

Destination wedding in Marche of Pietro and Julia

Among all the weddings which we were honoured to shoot, the international German-Italian wedding in Marche Region of Pietro and Giulia has become one of the most unusual in terms of the locations choice.

Wedding in Modena of Andrea and Maria

Seems like only a while ago Andrea and Maria were a beautiful couple in love, but today we will show you the photo reportage of the day they became husband and wife.

Small wedding in Sardinia of Ilya and Maria

Sardinia is one of the best destinations for a beach holiday in Italy. It offers clean turquoise sea and a rich choice of hotels and resorts perfect for an active holiday, but also for a secluded honeymoon vacation or a getaway for families with children. But lately, Sardinia is becoming ever more popular among those who choose to get married in Italy.

Couple photoshoot in Florence of Andrey and Olga

Andrey and Olga got in touch with me last summer looking for a photographer for a post-wedding photo shoot in Florence.

Wedding in Abruzzo of Davide and Barbara

After a short but very emotional civil ceremony and congratulations of the guests, we had an informal wedding photoshoot for the couple and a cheerful, warm banquet at the restaurant Borgo Spoltino

Couple photoshoot in Abruzzo of Davide and Barbara

What would you say of a romantic engagement photo shoot in one of the most beautiful hilltop towns of Abruzzo? Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Destination wedding in Marche of Zac and Alex

The preparations of the the bride and groom took place on the coast of San Benedetto del Tronto and for the ceremony we headed to Monteprandone where a wedding ceremony was held at the church Chiesa Collegiata di San Nicoló di Bari. Restaurant Dimora di Bacco was chosen for the wedding dinner.

Elopement on Lake Como of Sergey and Veronika

The symbolic wedding ceremony of Veronika and Sergey took place on Lake Como, in the small town of Lenno that stands between Villa Balbianello and Villa Carlotta, two of the most beautiful and popular villas of the lake.

Wedding in Abruzzo of Luigi and Carla

In the end it was a very emotional and positive vibe wedding in Abruzzo, despite the tricks of the weather. Because the only thing one needs for an unforgettable event is a good mood.

Couple photoshoot in Rome of Valeria and Alex

I got convinced that a leisurely aimless walk through Rome in search of some beautiful light and an interesting set makes the photos more vibrant and romantic than a meticulously drawn route from one famous spot of the capital to another with an aim to shoot at recognizable locations.

Family photoshoot in Barcelona, Spain of Marco, Anna and Laila

We spent a few hours in Barcelona with Marco, Anna and red-haired Laila, and we want to share with you some of the energy, enthusiasm and love that reigns among the members of this family.

Barcelona, Spain

Our itinerary included the most popular tourist attractions of Barcelona: Park Guell, the Sagrada Familia, the Cathedral, Montjuïc and Tibidabo, the Olympic Village, the Aquarium of Barcelona and Montserrat Monastery

Couple photoshoot in Lazio of Kostya and Katya

When a couple asks for a the beach photoshoot close to Rome, the task becomes very interesting, and when a free beach, not stuffed with people, but well-kept is requested – the task seems unsolvable.

Wedding in Apulia of Corrado and Maria

Italian local lifestyle was highlighted on the wedding day of Corrado and Maria as was also the case of their engagement photo session.

Couple photoshoot in Apulia of Corrado and Maria

With Corrado and Maria before their international wedding in Apulia, we visited a place called Giovinazzo to enjoy the local flavor, to know each other better and to make some love-story style snapshots

Couple photoshoot in Liguria of Dmitry and Irina

The beauty and the variety of landscapes of Italy bewilders many couples. Which spot to choose for couple photo session in Italy? The sea or the mountains? Picturesque villages or graceful castles? But in some cases, you can take a resolute step ... and put together all you wanted!

Wedding in Abruzzo of Lorenzo and Giada

Giada and Lorenzo have invited us to their wedding in the small town of Pianella in the region of Abruzzo.

Wedding in Apulia of Francesco and Yulia

All regions of Italy have their own character, but in many ways they resemble each other. Anyway Apulia, one of the most eastern of them, stands out among others.

Couple photoshoot in Calascio of Francesco and Yulia

When Francesco and Yulia began to plan their engagement photo session in Italy, without a shadow of a doubt we suggested Rocca Calascio as a very suggestive location.

Destination wedding on Lake Como of Victor and Anastasia

The destination wedding in Italy of Anastasia and Victor took place at the famous Villa del Balbianello on Lake Como, that is popular with enamoured couples from around the world.

Destination wedding in Abruzzo of Charles and Giulia

Is there a greater happiness for a photographer than to be invited to the wedding of a truly enamoured couple, very sincere and happy people?

Destination wedding in Sicily of Timur and Anna

The destination wedding in Sicily of Timur and Anna could win in the category "the most stylish and brilliant wedding of the year".

After wedding photo session in Rome of Denis and Olga

A walk through Rome with young couples during their honeymoon is always different from any other couple photo session in Italy.

Couple photo session in Rome of Roman and Alena

There is only one Rome, but it is not the same for everybody. For every couple that comes here, the city opens up differently.

Couple photo session in Tuscany of Alya and Alex

Tuscany, one of a kind, and beautiful Florence are made for love and it is difficult to think of a more water-coloured and texture-rich place for making romatic couple photos.

Destination wedding on Lake Como of Kirill and Ekaterina

The destination wedding on Lake Como of Ekaterina and Kirill was one of the most heartwarming and refined this year.

Destination wedding in Liguria of Nikita and Ksenia

Golf of Poets is a beautiful name of the site where Ksenia and Nikita have organized their destination wedding in Liguria. And, of course, it had romantic adventures in store for us.

Double wedding in Italy of Dinara and Dario, Olga and Carlo Federico

Are you ready to watch the pictures of a very unusual double wedding in Italy? Now you will see two brides and two grooms at the same wedding.

Wedding in Paris, France of Julien and Elena

The wedding in Paris of Elena and Julien was one of the most thrilling and intense for us this year. In these pictures you will see quite little of Paris, but a lot of a real fun wedding in France.

After wedding photo session in Venice of Katya and Anton

Katya is a professional model but Anton, like so many men, doesn’t like to be taken pictures of. Anyway we tried our best to make romantic pictures in Venice of the two sweethearts during their honeymoon in Italy.

Elopement in Venice of Anna and Pavel

The elopement in Venice of Anna and Pavel was organized in high summer and I wanted my pictures to transmit the dreamy summer light and the sensation of lightness.

After wedding photo session in Rome of Yulia and Yuriy

One of the most tender and gallant after wedding photo session in Italy of this year was Yulia and Yuriy's photo session in Rome.

Family session in Tuscany of Irina, Vika and Evdokia

Family photo sessions in Italy are full of life and very natural, because the presence of kids keeps the parents busy.

Destination wedding in Tuscany of Svetlana and Vassily

The destination wedding in Tuscany of Svetlana and Vassily was a great gala-day not only for the newly-wed and the guests, but also for us, as photographers.

Couple photo session in Abruzzo of Alex and Illarion

For Alex and Illarion the region of Abruzzo was a perfect match with its semi-deserted hilltop villages and ancient castles against the backdrop of the clouds.

Destination wedding in Portofino of Daria and Sergey

Daria and Sergey were getting ready for the event in a small town of Rapallo in the hotel Tigullio Royal, the ceremony itself and the party took place at the ancient castle Castelllo Brown in Portofino.

After wedding photo session in Rome of Elena and Sergey

Elena and Sergey arrived to Rome for their honeymoon, that’s why we dedicated a part of our stroll to a couple photo session in Italy in their wedding dress.

Couple photo session in Rome of Tatiana and Alex

Alex and Tatiana arrived to Rome from Germany and we have done a lot during our short couple photo session in Rome.

Elopement in Rome of Alex and Olga

We managed to reach all the spots we planned: the Colosseum, the Vatican square, the Castel of St. Angel and Villa Borghese.

After wedding photo session in Venice of Anna and Viacheslav

You had to see how many passers by wrang thier necks this day during our after wedding photo session in Venice with Anna and Viacheslav.

Couple photo session on Capri of Tatiana and Sergei

We met Tania and Sergei for the second time on Capri for an easy and fine summer couple photo session around this beautiful island.

Couple photo session on the Amalfi Coast of Olga and Mihail

The Amalfi Coast is absolutely one of the best places in Italy. Here the cities of Sorrento and Positano are smothered in flowers and lemon trees. We had a love couple photo session there with Olga and Mikhail.

After wedding photo session in Rome of Anna and Evgeniy

The couple after wedding photo session in Rome for Anna and Evgeniy was easygoing and unstrained.

Intimate Wedding in Rome of Tatiana and Nikolai

The destination intimate wedding in Rome of Tatiana and Nikolai is a fine example of how family-oriented, cheerful and unforgettable this party can be.

Intimate Wedding in Venice of Ekaterina and Eugeny

On the intimate destination wedding day in Venice of Ekaterina and Eugeny the weather was gloomy and rain clouds were getting ready to pour forth rain.