Francesco, who was born in Italy and met here his future wife Irina, now lives with her in Scotland, but the couple decided to celebrate their wedding in the homeland of the groom, in Abruzzo. I will tell about the wedding of Francesco and Irina in Italy in future posts, but now, a few words about their pre-wedding photoshoot in Edinburgh.

Francesco and Irina invited me to their hospitable home in Scotland, where I was able to spend a couple of unique days not only as a photographer, but also as a tourist discovering one of the most beautiful European capitals.

During our photoshoot in Edinburgh with Francesco and Irina, we tried to realise two styles: a relaxed walk in the company of their dog Indiha through the Holyrood Park hills and an elegant retro story against the background of the scarlet Forth Bridge, drowning in the setting sun. It is needless to say, that such a superficial acquaintance with the city only fueled my curiosity even more, so I spent the rest of the time wandering through its narrow streets.

Edinburgh is nestled among hills of volcanic origin, and this cohabitation with an unusual landscape is immediately striking. The majestic castles and gloomy houses of the medieval Old Town and the elegant neoclassical buildings of the New one are fit into numerous parks and gardens.

Edinburgh’s relatively small size allowed me to explore the main attractions on a one to two-day hike: Edinburgh Castle (the royal jewels of Scotland and the Skunk Stone or the Stone of Destiny, on which the rulers of the country have been crowned are located there), Royal Mile (which leads to Holyroodhouse, the official residence of British monarchs in Scotland), Arthur’s Throne at Holyrood Park (with a magnificent view of the city)…

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An incredible number of churches and museums are concentrated in Edinburgh, many of them store masterpieces of world art, but it was not possible to visit all of them during my small travel. I hope future travels will allow me to do this!