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Here the most frequently asked questions are gathered. If you failed to find the answer to your question, write to me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via skype: baranova.anna1

What town do you work in?

I'm currently based on Como Lake, but manage to take photos in all the cities and tows on the territory of the country and abroad. It means that if you want to order photography, we will choose the convenient date, taking into account our time-table and come to any Italian town or city, you want to.

Can I get my pictures at once after the photography has been finished on the disk or pen drive?

We strongly believe that, when ordering the photography you pay for the final product and that mustn’t require any efforts and time expenses and having special knowledge for colour correction of the photos, choice of the good photos and retouch from you. All these must be done by the photographer. Usually it takes us to make all the operations from 3 to 4 months. You will be able to get the photos after the term passes via Internet or by usual mail.

I know the basis of Photoshop. Can I correct the photos myself?

Choosing a photographer you agree not only with the style of photography he or she works in, but also with the direction, the photographer works in at the stage of post-treatment, so we prefer to work with material, underlining author vision in the graphics editor, if it is needed.

We have no experience in the photo sessions, will you prompt us what to do during the photography?

Success of the session does not depend on your skill to pose in front of the camera, if it is not glamour or fashion photography, of course. It depends on how you can be yourself, on the ability of being liberated, emotional, movable and initiative. Don’t tail in front of the camera, but do the things you used to, when having a rest: kiss, eat ice-cream, ride a bike, have a meal at a cafe, spray each other using water pistols or allow soap-bubbles, walk in the park and click pips, just fool around or be romantic. Like the way you plan your usual weekend, get ready for the photo session a little for the result to be emotional and can help to keep memories about your exhilaration and time spend in Italy.

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